This is a temporary page to coordinate the tasks required to release an updated Perl 5.10.1 package.

The main problem, besides the amount of testing required for such a widely used package, is that there are many perl modules that contain shared libraries and those packages need to be rebuilt with the new Perl 5.10.1.


  • Build new 5.10.1 perl package [done, in testing]
  • Identify all perl module packages that contain shared libraries [done, see list below]
  • Install perl 5.10.1 on build8xt and build8st [done]
  • File bugs against all modules needing rebuilding [done]
  • Build our own and retired maintainers modules against the new perl on build8xt and build8st using GAR [done]
  • Build all remaining modules against the new perl on build8xt and build8st using GAR [done]
  • Other packages that need to be rebuilt [done]
  • Packages that collide with 5.10.1 need to be empty [done]
  • Test [announced on maintainers list 2010-03-09]
    • Tested with MailScanner and SpamAssassin, two intense Perl apps that together pull in around 60 modules [Peter]
  • Release main perl package and modules at the same time [submitted 2010-03-23]
  • Cleanup
    • Drop CSWpmcs, CSWpmdigest and CSWpmmodulebuild from catalog [done 2010-04-09]
    • File bugs against CSWamavisdnew and CSWpmmaildkim to be rebuilt [done 2010-03-31]
    • Rebuild CSWpmmodulesign without dependency to CSWpmdigestsha [done 2010-03-31]
    • CSWpmlistmoreut accidentally got rebuilt as CSWpmlistutils (which is a better name)

Modules with shared libraries

82 perl modules with shared libraries. Top priority are those not in GAR. They should be built directly against 5.10.1 (on build8st and build8xt) and put into experimental/perl. Mark those you want to fix and make a note when it's done. First we take over the ones with retired maintainers while we file bug reports on the rest. When we have finished rebuilding our own and the retired maintainers modules we build the modules from maintainers that didn't respond to the bug reports.

Packages marked with strikethrough are built against perl 5.10.1 and placed in experimental/perl (

CSWpmapachereq, retired maintainer, takeover Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmapreq2, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmauthenpam, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmberkeleydb, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmbitvec, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmbutils, new package released to current, parallel build for Perl 5.10 (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmcairo, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmccsa, Murray Jensen, dam: ported into GAR, completely broken, only dependency is CSWpilotlink which is also not maintained any more. Drop both completely?
CSWpmcs, retired maintainer, dam: part of CSWcs ClearSilver. Perl mod in wrong directory and Python modules missing. ClearSilver was used by Trac and is AFAIK no longer used as Trac now has its own engine
CSWpmclone, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmcompressbzip2, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcompressrawbz2, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcompressrawzlib, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmconvertuulib, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcryptdes, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcryptosslbignum, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcryptosslrsa, dam, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcryptosslrandom, dam rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcryptrijndael, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcryptssleay, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmcyrus, Yann Rouillard, courtesy rebuilt dam (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdatauuid, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdatecalc, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdbdmysql, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdbdoracle, retired maintainer, takeover dam, rebuilt (x86/sparc) (additional package split to fix #1518)
CSWpmdbdpg, retired maintainer, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdbdsqlite, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdbi, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdevelcaller, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdevelcover, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdevellexalias, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdigestnilsimsa, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdigestsha, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmdigestsha1, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmeventlib, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmfcgi, GAR, rebuilt (x86/sparc) (retired maintainer, possible takeover William)
CSWpmfilesysdf, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmfontfreetype, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmgd, (dam: problem with rebuild due to jpeg 7.0, only supported with 6.2), currently looking at it (benny), done, linked against libjpeg62
CSWpmgimp, retired maintainer, needs new package CSWpmpdl, is it compatible with the Gimp we have? Test are known to fail Needs CSWpmpdl (new) which needs CSWpmextutilsf77 (new)
CSWpmglib, GAR, William Bonnet, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmgssapi, retired maintainer, takeover Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmgtk2, retired maintainer, takeover dam, needs new package CSWpmpango (done) (x86/sparc)
CSWpmhtmlparser, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmiotty, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmipcshrlite, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmlistmoreut, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmlocalegettext, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmmimebase64, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmnetaddrip, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmnetdns, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
|CSWpmnetinet, dam: doesn't pass the testsuite (in cpan/Net-ext) Tests are known to fail on Perl 5.10, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmnetnis, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmnetpatricia, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmnetssleay, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmpadwalker, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmpango, new package needed now for CSWpmgtk2 (x86/sparc)
CSWpmparamsutil, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmperlioeol, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmperliogzip, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmprmsvldt, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmproctbl, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmshout, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmsocket6, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmspeedycgi, retired maintainer
CSWpmspeedycgiperl, retired maintainer
CSWpmstringapprox, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmstringcrc32, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmsubname, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmsvn, Rupert Thurner, dam: rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmtermreadkey, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
|CSWpmtermreadlineg, readline.t Test fails, Known to fail sometimes on Perl 5.10, patched Test because of inconsistency in readline.h, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmtextcsvxs, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmtextdblmetaphon, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmtk, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmtt2, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmunicodemap, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmunicodestring, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmunixstatgrab, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmunixsyslog, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmversion, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmwant, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmwwwcurl, GAR, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmxmllibxml, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpmxmllibxmlcom, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc), obsolet (empty package)
CSWpmxmlparser, reitred maintainer, takeover dam, rebuilt (dam: x86/sparc)
CSWpmyamlsyck, rebuilt (x86/sparc)

Other (maybe of interest) packages

CSWap2modperl, retired maintainer, takeover benny, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWirssi, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWmodperl, retired maintainer, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWnetsnmp, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWpilotlink (don't bother, only perl binding is broken, main functionality is intact)
CSWrazor, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWrrd, rebuilt (x86/sparc)
CSWspamassassin, Peter Bonivart, rebuilt (x86/sparc)

Collisions with current packages

Some modules are now integrated into core perl and will cause file collisions. They could be set as incompatible dependencies (type I) to the main perl package or they could be empty packages until all packages depending on them are rebuilt without them.

  • CSWpmarchivetar, Dagobert Michelsen (dependants: CSWamavisdnew, CSWspamassassin, CSWpmmodulebuild)
  • CSWpmdigest, Dagobert Michelsen (no dependants so should be dropped, already collided with Perl 5.8 as reported in Bug #438)
  • CSWpmdigestsha, Peter Bonivart (dependants: CSWspamassassin, CSWpmmodulesign, CSWpmmaildkim)
  • CSWpmmodulebuild, Peter Bonivart (no dependants so should be dropped)

Perl modules needing an update (manually generated list, Aug 2010)

  • CSWpmapachesess, Peter Bonivart (1.6 is actually the latest)
  • CSWpmapachetst
  • CSWpmcache
  • CSWpmcachecache
  • CSWpmcachememcached, Jon Craig (String-CRC32 update bug submitted)
  • CSWpmcachesmptimexp
  • CSWpmcfginifls
  • CSWpmclsaccessorchnd, Peter Bonivart (0.01 is actually the latest)
  • CSWpmclsautouse, Dago: done, now called CSWpmclassautouse
  • CSWpmclsdtainherit, Dago: done, now called CSWclassdatainherit
  • CSWpmcsssquish
  • CSWpmdatashowtbl, Peter Bonivart (3.3 is actually the latest)
  • CSWpmdbixdbschema
  • CSWpmdbixsrchbuilder
  • CSWpmexpect
  • CSWpmexpectsimp
  • CSWpmextutautoinst
  • CSWpmextutxsbld
  • CSWpmfilechdir
  • CSWpmfilefindrule
  • CSWpmfilenfslock
  • CSWpmfiletype
  • CSWpmfrontierrpc
  • CSWpmgimp
  • CSWpmhttpsvrmason
  • CSWpmi18nlangtags, Peter Bonivart (drop this package, latest version included in Perl 5.10.1)
  • CSWpmlclemktxtfuz
  • CSWpmlclemktxtlex
  • CSWpmmailbox
  • CSWpmmailimapclient
  • CSWpmmailspfqry, Dago (deprecated by CSWpmmailspf, asked for deletion of package)
  • CSWpmmodrefresh, Dago: done, now called CSWpmmodulerefresh
  • CSWpmnbrcompare, Dago: done, now called CSWpmnumbercompare
  • CSWpmnetdnsreslvprg
  • CSWpmregexpcom, Dago: done, now called CSWpmregexpcommon
  • CSWpmsortver, Dago: done, now called CSWpmsortversions
  • CSWpmspeedycgi
  • CSWpmspeedycgiperl
  • CSWpmtemplategd
  • CSWpmtestexpect
  • CSWpmtestinline, Dago
  • CSWpmtestlongstr, Dago: done, now called CSWpmtestlongstring
  • CSWpmtestscript, Dago
  • CSWpmtextwikifmt, Dago: done, now called CSWpmtextwikiformat
  • CSWpmtextwrap, Dago: Done, now called CSWpmtextwrapper
  • CSWpmtimemods, Dago: Done, now called CSWpmtimemodules
  • CSWpmtreesimple
  • CSWpmtstmanif
  • CSWpmtxtquoted
  • CSWpmxmlnssupp


  • CSWpmapachedbi, Dago: done
  • CSWpmarchiveextract, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmcalendarsimp, Jon Craig: done (new package called pm_calendersimple but rt depends on old name so both exist)
  • CSWpmconvertbinhex, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmconverttnef, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmexceptcls, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmextutilsmft, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmfilefetch, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmfontafm, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmgdgraph, Dago: done
  • CSWpmgdgraph3d, Dago: done
  • CSWpmgeocountries, Dago: done
  • CSWpmheap, Dago: done
  • CSWpmhooklexwrap, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmhtmlfmt, Dago: done
  • CSWpmhtmlscrubber, Dago: done
  • CSWpmhtmltemplatepro, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmhtmltmpl, Dago: done
  • CSWpmhttpsvrsimp, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmiodigest, Gordon Marler: done
  • CSWpmiosocketinet6, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmiosocketssl, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmipccmd, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmipcountry, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmlogmsgsimple, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmmailsender, Dago: done
  • CSWpmmailsendmail, Dago: done
  • CSWpmmodloaded, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmmodversrpt, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmnetcidrlite, Peter Bonivart, (dam: ups, sorry, done…)
  • CSWpmnetsnmp, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmpatchreader, Dago: done
  • CSWpmpodescapes, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmpodreadme, Dago: done
  • CSWpmpodtests, Dago: done
  • CSWpmprmscheck, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmsyshostnamelong, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmtermui, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmtestpod, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmtestpodcoverage, Dago: Already owned by me
  • CSWpmtestwwwmech, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmtextglob, Dago: done
  • CSWpmtexttemplate, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmtimeperiod, Dago: Done
  • CSWpmtools, Dago: Done
  • CSWpmtxtautofmt, Peter Bonivart: done
  • CSWpmwwwmechanize, Peter Bonivart: done

List from Wiliam Bonnet

Apache-Session : 1.6 to 1.54
Apache-Test : 1.30 to 1.34
Archive-Extract : 0.16 to 0.34
Array-Compare : 1.13 to 2.01
Array-Window : 1.00 to 1.02
BSD-Resource : 1.28 to 1.2904
Cache-Memcached : 1.18 to 1.28 : 3.27 to 3.50
CGI-Application : 4.06 to 4.31
CGI-Application-Dispatch : 2.10 to 2.12
CGI-Application-Plugin-LogDispatch : 1.00 to 1.02
Class-Trigger : 0.11 to 0.14
Convert-PEM : 0.07 to 0.08
Crypt-OpenPGP : 1.03 to 1.06
Crypt-OpenSSL-PKCS12 : 0.3 to 0.5
Crypt-OpenSSL-X509 : 0.4 to 1.6
Crypt-RSA : 1.58 to 1.99
Crypt-Twofish : 2.12 to 2.14
Data-Dump : 1.08 to 1.19
Data-Flow : 0.09 to 1.02
Data-UUID : 1.203 to 1.217
DBD-AnyData : 0.08 to 0.09
DBD-CSV : 0.22 to 0.2002
DBD-mysql : 3.0006 to 4.018
DBIx-Password : 1.8 to 1.9
DBIx-SearchBuilder : 1.45 to 1.54
Devel-Cover : 0.65 to 0.73
Devel-Cycle : 1.07 to 1.11
Event : 1.08 to 1.13
Exception-Class : 1.23 to 1.32
Exception-Class-DBI : 0.95 to 1.00
Font-AFM : 1.19 to 1.20
Graph : 0.81 to 0.20105
GraphViz : 2.02 to 2.04
Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer : 0.13 to 0.18
HTML-CalendarMonth : 1.18 to 1.25
HTML-Element-Extended : 1.17 to 1.18
Image-Size : 3.01 to 3.230
Jcode : 2.06 to 2.07
Math-Pari : 2.010709 to 2.01080604
mod_perl : 1.31 to 2.0.4
Path-Class : 0.17 to 0.23
RPC-XML : 0.69 to 0.73
Schedule-Cron : 0.97 to 1.00
SOAP-WSDL : 1.20 to 2.00.10
String-ShellQuote : 1.03 to 1.04
SVN-Notify : 2.64 to 2.80
SVN-Simple : 0.27 to 0.28
Unix-Syslog : 0.97 to 1.1
Term-Cap : 1.09 to 1.12
Test-Class : 0.11 to 0.36
Test-Manifest : 1.17 to 1.23
Test-XML : 0.07 to 0.08
Text-Autoformat : 1.13 to 1.669002
Text-Template : 1.44 to 1.45
Tie-EncryptedHash : 1.21 to 1.24
Time-HiRes : 1.9707 to 1.9721
Tree-Simple : 1.16 to 1.18
Unicode-Map8 : 0.12 to 0.13
UNIVERSAL-require : 0.11 to 0.13
WWW-Mechanize : 1.22 to 1.66
XML-Atom : 0.25 to 0.37
XML-LibXML : 1.70 to 1.62001

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