Munin Package

This page documents the packages for Munin:

Munin common

This package includes files which are common for the Munin master and node. The package will be installed automatically, when installing master or node with pkgutil.

Munin master


  • Install the package CSWmunin-master (software name in OpenCSW catalog: munin_master).
    The package will create a user munin and a group munin if not already present on the system. Additionally a crontab entry for the user munin will be created.


  • Check the crontab of the user munin. It should contain the following line:

    0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /bin/test -x /opt/csw/bin/munin-cron && /opt/csw/bin/munin-cron

  • Edit the Apache configuration for Munin: /etc/opt/csw/munin/apache/apache-munin-cgi.conf

    New in Munin 2.x.x: The Apache configuration now defines a virtual host. Be aware of this, it could break the access to your web service. Change it to your needs!
  • Add the following line to your main Apache configuration:

    Include /etc/opt/csw/munin/apache/apache-munin-cgi.conf
  • Add the user your webserver is running under (nobody for Apache) to the group munin. The according line in /etc/group could look like this:

  • Restart your Apache / reload the Apache configuration
  • The configuration file for the master itself and it's scripts is /etc/opt/csw/munin/munin.conf. For more information how to configure the master itself refer to the Munin homepage.
  • Upgrading from earlier versions to Munin 2.x.x:
    • As Munin 2.x now creates it's graphs only via CGI scripts, the master's new configuration file has some new options. When upgrading from an earlier version, you need to merge your existing config file with the delivered config sample (as described in the installation message too). Just copying the new options into your config should work.


As the Munin master consists of several components, it has several logfiles. You might want to rotate and compress them with logadm.

  • /var/opt/csw/munin/log/munin-graph.log
  • /var/opt/csw/munin/log/munin-html.log
  • /var/opt/csw/munin/log/munin-limits.log
  • /var/opt/csw/munin/log/munin-update.log

Munin node


  • Install the package CSWmunin-node (software name in OpenCSW catalog: munin_node).
    The package will create a user munin and a group munin if not already present on the system.
    The Munin node works as a daemon, so the package delivers a SMF for Solaris 10 (cswmuninnode) and run scripts for Solaris 8 / 9.


  • The configuration file is /etc/opt/csw/munin/munin-node.conf. For more information how to configure the node itself refer to the Munin homepage.


  • The Munin node package comes with some default plugins. They are located in /opt/csw/libexec/munin/plugins. After the package installation these four plugins are activated by default:
    • cpu
    • df
    • load
    • uptime

Adding plugins

  • To add a plugin to the node configuration just link the plugin to /etc/opt/csw/munin/plugins/. No editing of config files is necessary.

    Example: ln -s /opt/csw/lib/munin/plugins/cpu /etc/opt/csw/munin/plugins/cpu
  • Restart the node:

    svcadm restart cswmuninnode


The Munin node has only one logfile. You might want to rotate and compress it with logadm.

  • /var/opt/csw/munin/log/munin-node.log

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

  • Be sure, that you have a backup or copy of your existing rrd files. The Munin development team stated, that an upgrade from 1.x to 2.x should be straightforward and without data loss, but you never know.
  • Munin 2.x should use your existing rrd files seamless, so that you shouldn't notice any gap.


  • Error message: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /opt/csw/share/perl/site_perl/Munin/Master/ line 656. :
    After a fresh install wait for the first run of the master's cronjob. Before that the CGI scripts won't have any data to work with.


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