I'm working on a new package, you can find it in testing. It tries to create all needed directories during postinstall so new installs will work out-of-the-box. It will try to get the paths from MailScanner.conf so if you already run MailScanner and a new version brings another dir (like the locks-dir this time) it will get the location even if you customized it.

Another small change is that the monitoring path for ClamAV updates has now been changed to match where the signature database is kept with CSWclamav installed.

Also, using sa-update should work pretty much out-of-the-box as well. There's a new file, /opt/csw/mailscanner/etc/MailScanner, that you can create and fill with environment variables used by other scripts so not having to edit the scripts directly. The first script to support this file is update_spamassassin which performs the sa-update. You can add SAUPDATEARGS to your MailScanner file and it will be picked up by the update_spamassassin script.

I have released the package 2009-01-23.


How to use the new MailScanner file

# This is where you customize some settings of your MailScanner installation so
# you don't have to edit the scripts themselves as they will be replaced during
# upgrades.
# Peter Bonivart, OpenCSW

#export http_proxy

# Used by the update_spamassassin script
# Example: "--channelfile /opt/csw/etc/spamassassin/sa.update.txt --gpgkey 123456"
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