• Configuration direectory /etc/opt/csw/jetty6/instances/INSTANCE
  • Log directory: /var/opt/csw/jetty6/INSTANCE/logs
  • Temp directory: /var/opt/csw/jetty6/INSTANCE/temp


The Jetty 6 SMF manifest is available as /opt/csw/var/svc/manifest/site/cswjetty6.xml. It will create an instance called cswjetty6:default.

The SMF service support running multiple instances and will use the SMF instance name when starting the instance.

Creating a new instance

To create a new instance use the create-instance tool to create the Jetty configuration files and then create the SMF instance:

$ /opt/csw/share/jetty6/bin/create-instance myinstance
Creating Jetty instance...
Configuration: /etc/opt/csw/jetty6/instances/myinstance
Data: /var/opt/csw/jetty6/instances/myinstance
$ svccfg -s cswjetty6
svc:/network/cswjetty6> add myinstance
svc:/network/cswjetty6> exit
$ vi /etc/opt/csw/jetty6/instances/scalabin/etc/jetty.xml
.. Configure Jetty, change the port etc ..
$ svcadm enable cswjetty6:myinstance

Maintainer Notes


  • Document create_instance
  • Change the default logging to use dates instead of "time since start"
  • Change the default logging to not create a new file for every restart
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